Why Electric Cycles?
Over the years we have gained experience in selling electric bicycles with the Yamaha PAS and electric motorcycles with the ballistic Zero range. Selling a brand such as VOLT seemed a great idea to fill a gap in our market, offering a great form of transport at reasonable prices. The VOLT range is a great alternative to a scooter for our customers to store on their motor homes. No tax, low cost running and servicing and great FUN! Mike and Tom have a great deal of knowledge in the world of bicycles, both having made the transition from the cycle world to the motorcycle world. They are both still keen cyclists. For more details call Mike or Tom on 01420 488290
volt infinity
Volt Bicycles 0% finance
Panasonic’s patented high-energy-density lithium ion cells to give you the a lighter battery, but delivering greater distances and the longest lifespan available.With an average lifespan of 1,000 full charge cycles your battery will literally last for years. Maintenance free and quick-charging, batteries are available in two sizes:

Standard - 60 miles
Large - 90 miles
 SpinTech™ is our most advanced drive system so far. Incorporating the best features of our already superb V-Wave system, and by forming a technological collaboration with a number of other leading e-bike brands to include the best of their technologies, SpinTech™ notably creates a riding experience for electric bikes better than any other. Durable, reliable and powerful this intuitive system delivers great performance and huge riding distances for your cycling pleasure.
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